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If you need flatbed hauling of freight or other materials, Memphis Towing offers competitive pricing to fit your needs. We are dedicated to providing on time deliveries and pick-ups, as well as the best possible service, no matter your budget. We are the flatbed trucking and transportation experts, our expert fleet can get the job done no matter the shape or size of your freight. Our goal is to exceed every single customer's expectations every single time.

A flatbed can haul a variety of diverse products and freight, from vehicles and boats, to construction material, to pretty much anything you can think of! This type of hauling requires extensive attention to detail, and every flatbed driver and technician at Memphis Towing is specially trained to get your load safely from point A to point B. Let us know what you need moved, where to pick it up, and where to drop it off, and Memphis Towing will do the rest.

It can be time consuming to find a flatbed hauling company, especially on short notice or on a tight budget. Memphis Towing is fast, affordable, and reliable without sacrificing excellent customer service or quality. We'll never overcharge you or drop the ball when it comes to our services. We are available to haul your load locally every day of the week, every single day of the year. Got hauling that has to be done on a Saturday night or over the holidays? No problem! Memphis Towing is here to help no matter the day or time.

Different types of shipments require different care. At Memphis Towing, we understand the particulars of a variety of different types of loads, ensuring that we always know exactly how to take care of your commodities.

Each shipment needs to be secured. We have multiple accessories, from chains to straps that allow us to safely secure your shipment. By letting us know what type of product you have to ship, we can ensure we bring the right tools for your job. It's also important that we know the weight, dimensions, and value of your cargo. Drivers are also equipped with corner protectors, dunnage, pipe stakes, and coil racks to ensure that your load is properly secured and is arrives at its destination safely.

Memphis Towing is the perfect choice for any flatbed hauling within the Memphis and Midsouth. With over 30 years of experience, our technicians and drivers are trained and retrained to ensure they are up to date on equipment and industry standards. We pride ourselves on not only being fast and reliable, but also being affordable. Whether you need a tow, roadside assistance, or cargo moved between businesses, you can trust Memphis Towing to do the job.

If you're looking to haul freight within the Midsouth, there's no need to call a bunch of different companies, trying to find one that can handle the job. Our fast and friendly agents are available 24/7/365 to quickly assess your situation over the phone and get the right equipment to you ASAP. We know that time is money, and Memphis Towing prides itself on being the fastest local flatbed hauling service in Memphis and the surrounding area.

Flatbed hauling is frequently considered one of the most challenging types of hauling due to the size and shape of the loads a flatbed can carry. Memphis Towing is the premiere flatbed hauling company in the Midsouth, proving time and time again that we have the tools and technicians to get the job done right every single time.

Flatbed Hauling
Towing Service Starting @ $85

+ $3 Per Miles For Distance Over 5 Miles