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Motorcycle Towing

Get your bike back on the road with our full service motorcycle towing. With quick service in Memphis and the surrounding area, being stranded or broken down doesn’t have to ruin your day. We’re available at any time 24/7 for all of your motorcycle towing needs. Memphis Towing will deliver your motorcycle to the location of your choice while ensuring we take the utmost care of your bike. We offer highly competitive prices without sacrificing service.

Motorcycle towing is different than car or truck towing for a variety of reasons, not just the difference in wheels! By choosing a towing service that specializes in motorcycle towing, you can rest assured that your bike is in safe hands. Motorcycles need to be secured to a tow truck, trailer, or wrecker differently than traditional vehicles. While front wheel locks are common on motorcycles, their center of gravity tends to lean more towards the back of the bike, especially in newer models. By choosing Memphis Towing for your motorcycle towing needs, you can trust us to handle your bike with care. We, too, are passionate about motorcycles (many of us are bikers, ourselves!), so we know how important their safety and upkeep are to our customers.

Safety of our customers and their motorcycles it of the utmost importance to the staff at Memphis Towing. Securing a motorcycle incorrectly can not only cause damage to the bike, but also to other vehicles and to our equipment. You can rest easy knowing that our technicians are highly trained and skilled in making sure your motorcycle arrives at the shop, your home, or anywhere else in the condition we picked it up in. Memphis Towing doesn't sacrifice service and skill for competitive prices; we fully believe that professionalism and a great deal go hand in hand! We love getting A+++ service at a reasonable price, and we know our customers do, too!

Our motorcycle towing service is the fastest service in the Midsouth, thanks to highly trained technicians and staff. We use the most advanced technology available to provide quality towing to each customer, whether you are in need of quick roadside service or just need your motorcycle delivered to a specific location. Our friendly agents are available 24/7, 365 (366 in leap years!) to quickly assess your unique situation over the phone and ensure the correct technician and equipment is sent to your location as soon as you need it.

We've all been in completely unexpected situations that have the potential to ruin our day, and the team at Memphis Towing is no exception. We treat each customer the way we want our own family to be treated should they ever find themselves stranded or in need of compassionate customer service. For that same reason, we offer highly competitive rates on towing within Memphis and the surrounding area. We are here to make whatever situation happened that caused you to require towing as stress-free as possible without breaking the bank. We take pride at Memphis Towing in having responsible, efficient, and professional tow drivers who will ensure you are taken care of.

You can enjoy peace of mind while you're out on the road knowing that, wherever you are in the Midsouth, if your bike needs service, Memphis Towing will be there. We can not only tow your bike to a location of your choice, but also offer roadside assistance for a variety of service issues. If your motorcycle runs out of gas, gets a flat tire, or has any other issue, don't let it ruin your ride! Call Memphis Towing at 901 545 5191 for our roadside assistance.

Flatbed Hauling
Towing Service Starting @ $85

+ $3 Per Miles For Distance Over 5 Miles